Thoughts Become Things

Ever wondered why good things just happen to some people, again and again? They don’t really even seem to be trying, or be overly impressed with themselves when they get that new job, win the lottery, or find their soul-mate. And meanwhile you are slaving away at your job, trying to make ends meet with never enough time or money to do the things you love?
Let’s look more closely at one increasingly popular explanation for how this happens. So, if you have been wondering what the heck Oprah’s ‘Big Secret’ is really about, here is your chance to learn a bit more.

In our world, we usually measure our successes and failures by looking at the things we did to make something happen. We focus on our actions, and how they created a result. That’s great – actions are important. But they are only a piece of the story. Our thoughts are the real key to bringing about change. Thoughts become things, as Mike Dooley puts it.

There are a number of equally compelling and seemingly bizarre explanations for how our thoughts become things however, what is most important here is to understand that our thoughts are steeped in our emotions. Want a new job? Try getting excited about the opportunity to find a new job – to meet new people, make new connections, and explore
other career possibilities. Be genuinely enthusiastic about the process. Forget about the outcome. Wondering if you will get the job, whether they like you, or if you will fit in, just brings negative feelings into the mix, and this will create a more negative experience.

Sounds a bit Pollyanna? Just be happy and everything will go your way? Not really. You have to continue to do what you need to do to make the outcome happen. You can’t feel your way to happiness without actually taking the physical steps to enable happiness to manifest. So update that resume. Keep researching who is hiring. Keep going to job interviews. But do it with a sense of adventure, and you might be surprised how quickly your dream job becomes your reality.

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