Dr. Hill enjoys sharing her research and knowledge of relationship dynamics and contemporary culture with audiences of all sorts. As a keynote speaker, Dr. Hill’s belief that the key to having energizing, authentic and loving relationships with others lies in knowing ourselves, underscores her work.

What they say about Jan:

Dr. Hill is a highly skilled orator with the ability to integrate ideas spontaneously. Of equal importance, Dr. Hill has developed superb listening skills and can find the core of questions posed from others and respond succinctly. Her use of paraphrasing to check her understanding and her use of analogy, to draw comparisons in order to show a similarity in some respect, are unparalleled. Such skills require flexible thought processes, a superb working memory and an open-minded approach, not to mention a measure of fearlessness and confidence in facing the unknown variables of dealing with a group of people.”  Suzanne Edwards

Dr. Jan Hill is unquestionably very intelligent with excellent presentation, communication and group management skills.” Vicki Bridge, M.A., R.M.F.T., C.M.C., P.C.C.

She lectured in a way that combined interesting facts and knowledge about the female experience with relevant references from literature and the occasional humorous personal story.” Kelly Faryniarz

[Dr. Hill] is exceptionally warm, enthusiastic, and inviting. Her breadth of knowledge is impressive.” Moira Somers, Ph.D., C.Psych.

Personally, I find Jan Hill inspirational. Her commitment to personal and social change motivates me. Her knowledge on social issues is outstanding. Her dedication to education is steadfast. And, her ability to communicate ideas makes her an extraordinary leader and teacher.” Lindsay Angus

Jan has a real gift of being able to take a complex, challenging concept and present it in a very clear, concise, and easy to understand manner.” Kim Kirmmse Toth, L.C.S.W., C.M.C., P.C.C.